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Film Production Company


There are many ways to get your message to your audience. Today's world might seem like it's all about social media and the online experience, but plenty of people still watch TV. Plus, the pivot from TV commercials to online video is growing a whole new audience. So why should you still work with a film production company? Here are a few reasons why video is not going out of style.

Good Video Can Hold Viewer's Attention

Attention spans are at an all time low and this can be discouraging for many businesses. You have to create a powerful video and hook your viewers within the first few seconds or they'll just click "Skip Ad". Working with a high-quality New York film production company is your best bet to creating engaging video content that viewers will stick around for.

People Want Video

Teaching your audience about your products or services is the key to getting them to click "Pay Now". If they can see how your product works or what it's like to engage in your services, they're more likely to feel confident in purchasing from you. Combine this with the fact that 68% of people prefer to learn through watching a video, and you've got a solid case for hiring a film production company.

Videos Are Versatile

When you've got a great video, there are so many ways you can use it. Publish the full-length version on your website. Distribute a 1 minute segment for television commercials. Post a 15 second clip on your social media channels. You can get a lot of leverage from just one high-quality, entertaining, and engaging video.

Work With MinusL

MinusL is a New York film production company that specializes in digital video for an online world. Contact us today to get started.

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