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Top Commercial Production Companies


From big box television sets where you had to walk over to the TV and turn the dial, to streaming shows on your smartphone, television advertising has changed a lot in the past several decades. Because of this, every ad production company has had to change as well. Here's a look back at how we've transformed over time to get where we are today.

The Beginning of Television

Just as it was with radio, television was also supported by ads. TV commercials commonly showcased products aimed at the typical audience for a particular show, or they featured other shows on the same network. In recent years, viewership has declined, even for major events like awards shows and sporting events, but the price of television commercials has still remained relatively high.

From TV to Computer

As users begin to watch more television shows through streaming services and other internet-based avenues, ads have had to change. Several years ago, you didn't need to watch at least five seconds of an ad before skipping to the YouTube video. Streaming services now feature targeted 30 second ads between segments of shows.

Going Mobile

These days, people are watching more and more videos from their smartphones. Top commercial production companies have changed as well to feature the short, engaging clips that entertain viewers instead of annoy them. Although most people are still going to click "Skip Ad", if you can entertain and get your message across in just five seconds, you might just have a new customer.

Work with MinusL

MinusL is an ad production company based in New York City. Contact us today to learn more about what we do and how we can bring your brand to today's market.

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